Blogs of Interest – Part 3 – Scent of The Day

Scent of The Day is the blog of local Toronto blogger, Krista Janicki, reviewing niche-brand perfumes.

The subject of perfume and all things scented is very topical lately. There are hundreds of perfume blogs to choose from. Many are extremely knowledgable listing the levels of notes in the perfumes, information on the perfumers, history of the perfume houses.  Some blogs are very serious and technical, some very witty, the list is endless, so where to begin in finding a well written, informative blog on perfumes?

First off, I like the fact that Krista is a local Toronto blogger.  She often gives news of meet ups and launches on her blog that are very helpful.  The style of her blog is very simple with a lovely vintage header picture that is very appealing. She uses lovely visuals, photos of the actual perfume bottles she is reviewing or a photo or artwork related to the scent. She is knowledgeable about the notes as she describes them, the fragrance families, while maintaining a down to earth writing style.

On the side of her blog page, there is a very comprehensive list of links to other perfume blogs and a list of tags to the different categories of scents that she has written about.  This is a real bonus to the neophyte perfumista.

For anyone who loves perfumes and wants to stay on top of the latest trends and launches in the world of perfumery, I would definitely recommend Scent of the Day.


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