Blogs of Interest – Part 2 – White Lotus Aromatics

White Lotus Aromatics is the website, blog and on-line shop specializing in essential oils, sourced and operated by Suzanne and Christopher McMahon based in Port Angeles, Washington.

This is a wonderful site for those interested in aromatherapy and essential oils for their own use, for those formulating artisanal products and for natural perfumers.

Christopher has been making trips to India and other countries since the 1990’s and buys his oils directly from farmers.  The oils he offers are of the highest quality, either organic or wild harvested and are offered in the form of oils, CO2 extracts or absolutes.  Many of the oils are offered from different countries and all are listed with a brief description of their uses and the types of perfume they would be suited for.

White Lotus also has a newsletter with articles and information on different oils. They have recipes for natural perfumes and attars (a type of Indian perfume) which are easy to follow and prepare.

There are many on-line sellers of essential oils but I recommend White Lotus Aromatics for their integrity and high quality of products offered.

White Lotus Aromatics:


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