Scent and Wellbeing

Scent and perfumes are hugely topical right now with innumerable blogs dedicated to perfumes and perfume reviews.  Reviewers are highly skilled at identifying the most subtle nuances in perfume formulas, talking about the sillage and the drydown time and other technicalities.  Natural perfume is taking its place beside traditional perfumery where the perfumer uses only natural essential oils and no chemical additives in their blends.

The sense of smell is highly evocative and can trigger marked emotional reactions linking the scent to events in time. Everyone is drawn to certain scents according to their particular likes and dislikes.

The art of aromatherapy is concerned with the effect of the aroma itself but also with the physical effect the aroma has on the wearer. Aromatherapy for health is using the essential oil for its health giving properties and not so much for the scent alone.

One of the easiest scent families for an aromatherapy beginner to use is the citrus family of essential oils: orange, grapefruit, lime, lemon, mandarin and tangerine.  Within each of these main scents are variations depending on the country of origin of the essential oil, where it was grown, and many different factors. So within each of these main scents are many variations. All citrus oils are wonderful at lifting the spirits, particularly grapefruit. The oils can be used in many different ways.  Dropping a few drops in a bath and relaxing for a long soak or sprinkling a few drops on the shower floor before a shower allows the aromas to mix with the hot steam. A steam diffuser or pan of hot water on a radiator are other ways to scent the air.  Mandarin and tangerine oils are also very good for a pick me up on a dreary day and are a good perk.  Because these oils are uplifting on a physical level they are better used in the morning as they could be a little too stimulating at bedtime unless they were mixed with a more soothing essential oil like lavender or chamomile.

Try any one or a combination of these oils in your next bath.  Just 4-5 drops mixed into your bath oil and enjoy!


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