Blogs of Interest – Part 1 – Scent Hive

Today, I would like to introduce my readers to three scent-related blogs I enjoy reading, that never fail to provide solid information about aromatherapy, organic and natural products and perfume.  The three blogs are not only informative but are visually appealing, well laid out and a pleasure to read.


I have been reading Trish at the Scent Hive – – for the past few years.  Trish is based in Portland and her blog reviews natural and organic perfumes and beauty products.  Her blog is a wealth of information on the latest perfume launches by well-known natural perfumers.  She frequently holds draws to accompany perfume launches.  Although Scenthive primarily reviews natural products, Trish is not a hard and fast purist and will feature non-organic products from time to time.

Style-wise, Scenthive has a spacious and pretty feel to it.  The blog banner is designed by a local Portland artist and Trish accompanies her posts with interesting artwork sourced to fit the theme of her posts.

For up to the minute reviews on the latest in natural perfumes visit Trish at the Scenthive.